Solar Renewable Energy Buyback Rate

Due to extraordinary customer participation, this program has reached capacity and we are no longer accepting applications.

To protect our environment and quality of life, energy efficiency and environmental stewardship must receive increasing importance. River Falls Municipal Utilities has determined a need to create a rate tariff for customers owning small electric generating facilities that are fueled by solar photovoltaic (PV) resources. Facilities must be approved by the utility and connected to the utility distribution system in accordance with Chapter PSC 119.

River Falls Municipal Utilities will purchase 100% of the generator output from the customer and the solar PV generator shall receive a monthly credit on their electric utility bill, measure output separately from the customerís facility usage or base rate applicability, and enter into a ten (10) year contract.

This buyback program has capacity limitations allowable under this tariff, so for detailed information, contact River Falls Municipal Utilities at 715-425-0906.