Annual Street Maintenance

2019 Street Maintenance

Regular Street Maintenance

Each year, the City Council budgets money to preserve and maintain the integrity of the growing system of roadways within River Falls. Preservation and maintenance practices include:

There are currently no assessments for these preservation and maintenance practices. They are funded with a portion of your tax dollars.

Pavement Condition Index (PCI)

Each year, pavements within the city are evaluated and inspected to determine their current pavement condition index (PCI). Based on the PCI, the most cost-effective strategy for each section of street is determined and work is scheduled for the appropriate subsequent year.


Your patience and cooperation during construction will be greatly appreciated. We understand that the construction process creates a significant disruption in your scheduled daily activities. The successful completion of any project is most certainly a cooperative effort of the City of River Falls, the contractors, and you, the citizen.

Project Tips: Be Alert

  • Watch for construction workers and vehicles in the construction area.
  • Please drive slowly when in the construction zone; give the workers "The brake."
  • Observe warning signs for changing conditions.
  • Please assist in keeping children away from dangerous areas and equipment.