Housing is a foundational element of our lives and our communities. Understanding population projections, economic forecasts, as well as age and structural characteristics, occupancy and tenure data, and value and affordability characteristics allows us to guide the future development and maintenance of housing in the City of River Falls. 

Rental Housing


Typically disputes between landlords and tenants are civil issues and are not handled by the City. However, if you are experiencing health and safety issues with a rental property, please contact the City Inspector at 715-426-3426. 

Landlords - Rental Housing Permit Program

Own a rental property in the City? Have you registered it with the City? Please see the Rental Housing Information and Rental Housing Permit Application. Contact Angie Bond at 715-426-3427 for more information.

Comprehensive Housing Study and Needs Analysis

In fall 2017, the City hired Maxfield Research and Consulting to complete a comprehensive housing needs analysis. The City, along with the River Falls Housing Authority, funded the study. The data that Maxfield covered includes demographics, employment, housing characteristics and affordability, and for sale, rental, senior, and special needs markets. The study projects out to 2030 with housing needs detailed by product type. 

The City updated the Housing Needs Analysis in 2022 to better understand the further changes in the housing market. Review both housing studies here:

2018 Housing Study

2022 Housing Study

River Falls Housing Authority

Founded in 1971, the River Falls Housing Authority provides affordable, well maintained rental homes to families, senior citizens and persons with disabilities. There are a number of locations that offer variety of choice in the City of River Falls. For more information, visit their website.