Can I empty my pool or hot tub into the street?
The City of River Falls does not require a permit to discharge pool water. To protect the environment, the following “Best Management Practices” apply to water discharged from swimming pools and hot tubs:
• It is recommended that discharge water be directed to grass and/or landscaping.
• If irrigating on site is not possible, water may be discharged off the owner’s property, provided it is directed to a curbline gutter of a paved street.

How to drain your pool or spa:
• Prior to irrigating or disposing of the water, shut off the chlorination system (if you have one) or stop adding chlorine.
• Let the water in the pool or spa “sit” for at least one week to reduce the chlorine or bromine level until it is undetectable and temperature is at air temperature. Discharging chlorinated pool/spa water into streams in harmful to fish and other aquatic life.
• Measure the pH. It should fall within a range of 6.5-8.5 prior to discharge. Discharge water should not be cloudy or discolored as this typically indicates a pH imbalance.
• As the water is discharging, it must be monitored to ensure that it does not cause any erosion or flooding. Erosion is most likely to occur at houses on a bluff that discharge to the rear yard down the steep slope.
• Discharges may not run onto a neighbor’s property or across a sidewalk
• If a pool or spa has been acid washed, the water may not be discharged off the pool/spa owner’s property.
• Water from backflushing pool filters should not be discharged to a stream, ditch or storm sewer. Backflush from pool filters must be discharged to the sanitary sewer or on-site septic tank and drain field system.

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