The City planted a tree in the boulevard that I’ve never heard about before. Why is that?

Our goal at River Falls Urban Forestry is to make a healthy, diverse, and resilient urban forest. Many years ago entire streets were lined with beautiful American Elm trees. Dutch Elm Disease swept through the area and devastated our elm population. Now 30 years later, we have beautiful Ash trees lining some of our streets once again. Emerald Ash Borer will sweep through our area and devastate our Ash population. Since 2004, the City of River Falls has been striving to improve diversity in our entire tree population. We cannot limit the tree species we plant to one, two, or even five species. Our new guideline for tree diversity has a target goal of no more than 15 percent of any genus of trees in a tree population. Our approved boulevard tree list has many trees both native and non-native in an effort to make our urban forest more resilient from the next large scale pest or disease. We encourage homeowners to also find new non-invasive species that they can plant on their private property to help strengthen our forest diversity.

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1. Who is responsible for caring for boulevard trees in front of my residence?
2. How can I find out who owns a tree close to the boulevard if I’m unsure?
3. What can I do to my boulevard tree regarding maintenance?
4. The boulevard tree in front of my house needs pruning. When will the City be pruning my tree?
5. How can I get a tree planted in my boulevard?
6. The City has planted a tree in my boulevard. What can I do to help it grow?
7. The City planted a tree in the boulevard that I’ve never heard about before. Why is that?
8. Does River Falls have Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)?
9. I think I’ve seen EAB or a tree with EAB. Who do I call to find out?
10. How many Ash trees does the City have planted?
11. What is the City’s plan to handle the Ash tree population as EAB spreads?
12. What are the options a homeowner has for treating their Ash tree for EAB?
13. Can I have the Ash trees in my boulevard treated?