Why can't I chose my own garbage hauler?

There are a number of reasons why the City of River Falls has chosen to contract for residential garbage collection though one hauler including:

  • It is a sustainable practice reducing fuel consumption, pollution, and unnecessary damage to roads.
  • It makes our neighborhoods cleaner, safer and quieter with less unnecessary truck traffic.
  • Garbage trucks are the single biggest contributor to deterioration of our local neighborhood streets. Having one company's garbage truck travel down each city street rather than have four or more different garbage companies trucks drive down every street saves taxpayer money spent on road repair and maintenance.
  • We know who to contact if there is a litter problem associated with garbage pickup.
  • The monthly rate contracted for by the City is lower than would be obtained by individuals contracting for service. Talk to you friends in the surrounding townships and ask them what their monthly rate is. It only makes sense. It is most efficient for one hauler to pick up from each and every home in neighborhood rather than having to skip one that would be pickup up by another hauler.

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