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Right of Way Excavation Permit Form

  1. Permitee
    Property owner, utility company, contractor, etc.
  2. Contractor Information
  3. Utility Installation Information
  4. Utility Proposed To:*
  5. Permit Information
    Maintenance of the permit opening is the responsibility of the property owner/agent. After notification by the City, the property owner/applicant has twenty-four (24) hours to respond to a request of maintenance. If no response to the City is made by the property owner/applicant, the City will maintain the permit opening and bill the property owner/applicant.

    The property owner/applicant understands and agrees that the permitted work shall comply with all permit provisions and conditions listed on the reverse side hereof, any special provisions listed below or attached hereto, and any and all plans, details or notes attached hereto and made a part hereof.
  6. Submit Payment
    Permit will not be processed until $130 payment is received. Please mail or drop off payment to:
    City of River Falls Right of Way Permits
    222 Lewis St., Suite 225
    River Falls, WI
  7. Approval of Provisions and Conditions*
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