Temporary Class "B" Beer and "Class B" Wine License Applicant

A Temporary Class "B" Beer and "Class B" Wine License is issued to bona fide clubs, lodges and societies which have been in existence for at least six months or to veteran's organizations and fair associations. These licenses may only be issued for locations within the commercial zones, as set forth in Title 17, Glen Park, Hoffman Park, or as otherwise approved of by the common council. The Chief of Police may require additional conditions depending on the circumstances or nature of the request.

Municipal Code

Chapter 5.08 Alcoholic Beverages

Temporary Class "B"/"Class B" Retailer's License
Supplemental Form for Temporary Class "B"/"Class B" Retailer's License
Authorization for Release of Information - Each officer of the organization and the person in charge of the event must have a background check once a year. Unless new officers join the organization during the year, the Authorization only needs to be filled out once a year. Please include a copy of the officer's driver's license with the Authorization.

Temporary Liquor License Checklist


$10 License Fee
$7 Per Person Background Check Fee

Please make checks payable to the City of River Falls and allow 14 business days prior to your event to process the application.