Management Analyst Fellowship Program

About the Program

The River Falls Management Analyst Fellowship is a nationally recognized program designed to develop the next generation of municipal leaders. Since 2010, the City has hired full-time Management Analyst Fellows to serve a one to two year full-time position with the City. The City's goal is to provide local government professionals, who have recently graduated with their master’s degree, an opportunity to gain on-the-job knowledge and experiences to help jump-start their career in local government management. 

Under the supervision of the Chief of Staff and with mentorship from the City Administrator, the position provides administrative and project support to programs pertaining to all areas of municipal government. This role works across City departments providing support in the area of special project assistance that includes research, analysis, presentation, and recommendations. Fellows are given a challenging and robust workload designed to give them a variety of experience and professional development opportunities. 

Here is a list of past Fellows and where they are now!

Recruitment for the Fellowship

There are several ways to recruit talent, and the City of River Falls has used a combination of techniques. In addition to traditional advertising on local recruitment websites and resources, we have used the below recruitment resources.

International City/County Management Association-Local Government Management Fellowship (LGMF)

The City of River Falls is recognized by ICMA as a host city for its LGMF program. The LGMF is a highly competitive career-development opportunity that is designed to generate interest in local government careers among recent master’s program graduates. ICMA recruits recent graduates to participate in the program. An organization that participates in the program will receive access to the applicant pool and is able to recruit LGMF candidates through their own local recruitment and placement processes. For more information on the LGMF program, please visit the ICMA website.

Graduate Schools

Recruitment of soon-to-be graduates from NASPAA programs is another good way to find a fellow. NASPAA is the organization of graduate education programs in public policy, public affairs, public administration, and public and non-profit management. The NASPAA website contains a list of all accredited graduate schools.

Recruitment Materials

Below are the recruitment materials for the Management Analyst Fellow position. Sample interview questions are available upon request. Applications will only be accepted through the job posting on the Employment Opportunities webpage when it is available.

Work Products

Management Analyst Fellows working for the City of River Falls perform a variety of entry-level, professional administrative work, research, and analysis in support of the City’s established goals and objectives. Work performed by the Fellows is highly visible and has a direct impact on the organization. Typical assignments/projects involve public relations, civic education programs, internal/external committees, the operating and capital budget, and a good balance of administrative and operational responsibilities. Projects completed by past Fellows include:

  • Request for Proposals in areas of Banking, Insurance, Legal, and Utility Services
  • Creation of City's public budget documents (since 2012 budget year)
  • Application for Wisconsin’s Public Transit Assistance Program grant
  • Implementation of new financial software package for accounting, payroll, and human resources
  • Analysis of a transition to LED street lights and the impact on Utility rate structure
  • Personnel policy research and creation, including development of seasonal and new employee orientation manuals
  • Development of the City’s first internal belonging and inclusion survey; analyzed and presented results and recommendations.
  • Creation of in-depth report on police officer retention strategies.
  • Analysis of patrol car costs for purchasing v. leasing vehicles.
  • Analysis of the affordability of City taxes, utilities, and fees compared to established benchmarks. 
  • Human Resources assistance including the creation of job descriptions, class and compensation surveys, recruitment coordination, labor utilization analysis, and participation in selection processes
  • Written communication with the public through newsletter articles, website and public television content, and reports to City Council on numerous topics
  • River Falls National Community Survey facilitation and coordination
  • Analysis and evaluation of the liquor license renewal program
  • Labor relations assistance, including negotiation preparation, contract language creation, analysis of proposals, and participation in negotiation meetings
  • Report on the implementation of a wayfinding system for the City