Budget Payment Plan Program

Utility bills change throughout the year; they increase during the summer and winter and decrease during the spring and fall. It all depends on your energy usage and the weather. With these fluctuations, it can be difficult to budget your utility bills.

River Falls Municipal Utilities (RFMU) has a Budget Payment Plan Program that estimates your annual usage and breaks it into even monthly payments through our Payment Plan Calculator. The calculated budget amount is mailed to the customer with a Budget Plan Agreement form; if the customer accepts the proposed budget, he or she signs the form and returns it to RFMU. Each budget is reviewed in October for usage adjustments and reconciled in April to compensate for any over-billing or under-billing.

To be on the budget, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Have at least a 12 month usage history account on your current RFMU account
  • Sign and return the Budget Plan Agreement
  • Have a zero balance at the time of agreement
  • Pay the budget amount on or before the due date of each month

Note:Auto Pay is highly recommended for budget plan customers to sign up for, to ensure timely payments.

If interested, please email River Falls Municipal Utilities or call at 715-425-0906.