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City Budget

Annually, the Mayor and City Council meet to review and approve a budget for the operations of the City. The budget includes the estimated revenue and expenditures needed to provide City services. The budget is more than just an accounting document; it is the result of input from citizens, boards and commissions, various departments, as well as the Mayor and City Council. Due to limited funding, input from these groups establishes the priorities for the City and incorporates their priorities into the budget. The budget document is used throughout the year as a management and planning tool, which helps to objectively determine the best course for the community. 

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Capital Improvements Plan

The City's Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) is a road map for future capital expenditures. Capital projects are defined as an acquisition, creation, or improvement of City land and/or buildings, or equipment and furnishings with a useful life of greater than one year and a minimum threshold cost of $5,000. The projects approved in the CIP are incorporated into the annual budget process over the life of the plan. The CIP is intended to be a reference guide for Council member and staff in future decision making, and to ensure that future needs for City buildings, infrastructure, and equipment are identified and planned for.

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Annual Audit

The City Council contracts for an annual audit of the accounts of the City, with the most recent audited financial statements available.

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