View & Pay Bill Online

With MyAccount you can manage your account in a way that’s simple, efficient, and suited to your needs. The MyAccount service allows you to view your account history and pay your utility bill through our website. All you have to do to take advantage of MyAccount is sign up! With MyAccount, you can:

  • View your account balance and payment history
  • View your previous utility bills
  • View your electric and/or water usage
  • Set up account alerts 
  • Set up to receive your monthly billing statement notices via email
  • Make one-time payments from your checking account or with credit/debit card*
  • Set up Auto Pay to have your bill paid on the due date with your checking account
  • Set up recurring monthly payments with your credit/debit card*
  • Spot trends and receive timely alerts whenever your energy use reaches a pre-determined level.

How to Sign up for MyAccount

1. Click on MyAccount.
2. Click on “Create an Account” at the top of the page and complete the online form. Use your RFMU account number and account name as they appear on your utility bill.

Watch the video below on "How to Create Your New MyAccount":

For Customers with MyAccount Access

Forgotten Password?
To request a password reset, click on “Forgot Your Password?” near the MyAccount Login area. You will be asked for your RFMU account number and the email provided during your MyAccount registration. 

View Billing History 
From the MyAccount home screen, click on My Billing History to reach the Manage Accounts screen. From this screen you can see your current amount due, view your latest bill, access your archived utility bills, see your payment history, enroll in paperless billing, and enroll in Auto Pay. You can link to make a payment from the Manage Accounts screen.

Pay Your Bill
From the MyAccount home screen, click on Pay My Bill to reach the Manage Accounts screen. Near the top of the screen, choose from the type of payment you’d like:

  • One-Time Payment: Click on the PAY BILL button located beneath your amount due. Indicate if you are paying with credit/debit card* or checking account and fill out the form.
  • Auto Pay with Bank Account: To have your utility bill payment automatically deducted from your checking account on each month’s due date, click on Enroll in Auto Pay from the Manage Accounts screen. Select the Bank Account option and complete the Auto Pay Sign up form, paying close attention to the information regarding the timing of your first scheduled payment.
  • Recurring Monthly Payments with Credit/Debit Card*: To make monthly payments with your credit or debit card, click on Enroll in Auto Pay from the Manage Accounts screen. Select the Credit option and complete the Auto Pay Sign up form. You will indicate the amount to pay (the full bill amount or a recurring fixed amount) and the day of the month to pay (due date or other date). Keep in mind that late payment fees will apply to any account not paid to $0.00 by the due date. Pay close attention to the information regarding the timing of your first scheduled payment.
  • Ending/Changing Automatic Payments: To end enrollment or to change your Auto Pay settings, you must first un-enroll in Auto Pay from the Manage Accounts screen. If you later re-enroll with new settings, the new Auto Pay setup will be effective with the NEXT bill issued, and any scheduled payments under the old settings will be cancelled.
  • Enroll in Paperless Billing: To receive utility bills electronically instead of in the mail, click on the “Paperless Billing” options from the Manage Accounts screen. MyAccount customers who receive paperless bills will not be able to also receive paper bills.  

*NOTICE: Effective September 2021, a credit card processing fee of 3.0% of your utility bill will be charged to you by Payment Services Network (PSN) for payments made with a credit card or debit card. Bills under $100 will be charged 3.0% plus $.50.

MyAccount Mobile App - MyMeter
MyMeter app provides access to your MyAccount meter information and notifications. Now you have the ability to view your energy & water use and pay your bill from your mobile device using the MyMeter app. Just like you already do with MyAccount, you can spot trends, track your usage and even receive energy-related alerts and challenges all from the MyMeter app. It includes easy bill pay, too!  

MyMeter App - How to Setup: 

  1. Go to your Apple or Google Android app store and search for MyMeter.
  2. Install the app and then select River Falls Municipal Utilities from the menu.
  3. Enter your existing MyAccount login email address and password (or create a new account).

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