Right of Way Permits

Permit Request Forms

A Right of Way Permit is required for everyone who is doing work in sidewalks, boulevards, alleys or streets. A permit will be issued to the owner/agent of the property, with the contractor also listed on the permit. Terms and Conditions can be reviewed on the permit itself. The permit can be printed, completed and returned to City Hall. A form can also be completed and submitted electronically.


The nonrefundable permit fee is $130.

Project Deposit

A deposit (bond / letter of credit / cash) is required prior to issuance of any permit.

The deposit amount is set by the city engineer based on the scope of the project, in general the minimum deposit is $1000. The deposit is held for one year from completion of the project, at which time the city will inspect the work. If the work is found acceptable, the deposit will be refunded with interest. If the work is unacceptable, the city will contact the owner and request additional work, or if the owner is unresponsive, will use the deposit to correct or finish the work.